We are a premium quality candle manufacturer which has the capability of producing candles in larger volumes in order to partner premium brand retailers and also produce unique hand poured candles to suite our customer requirements. We use traditional methods of candle making, including hand drawn and hand poured.


Nirva Philosophy


“Steeped in the paradigms of pure bliss, serenity and peace of mind, Nirva Candles shed light upon life, dispelling all forms of pain, anxiety and despair by emanating a soothing and relaxing aura, which gently unravels your senses and sets the mood you desire.”

NIrva Range


A deep-rooted understanding of human nature, its strengths and weaknesses, has inspired Nirva to offer its discerning clientele many distinctive ranges to choose from.






Nirva Moniquer


Designed to Imperial specifications, the Nirva Classic range adds a special touch of elegance to many moments and occasions, be it a Royal dinner, wedding, baptismal, celebration or gift item.





Nirva Intense


After a particularly tense day, turn to the soothing elements of lavender. For positive energy, the uplifting ingredients of vanilla cream. To calm your spirits, choose peppermint.





Nirva Sensesuss


An exotic blend of natural ingredients and fragrances to soothe mind, bodyand soul, from fragrances such as soothing/relaxing, revitalizing, vitality and Ginseng.





Nirva Ayu


Set against a rich tapestry of culture, heritage and ancient lore, this range offersthe soothing, healing and revitalising properties of lemon grass, cinnamon, clove, king coconut, and tea.





Nirva Kama


To heighten the senses and to enhance feelings of sensuality, choose from the age-old favourites of sensuous, amber rose, jasmine and vanilla rum





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Nirva Manufacturing


The manufacturing facility that is of the highest standard, adhering to all safety guidelines of the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka, admeasuring 7,000 sq. ft. which is located in Ratmalana which is about 15KM from Colombo.


The facility has implemented the knowledge gained through Toyota Production Systems into the production processes in order to carryout a systematic approach to identify and eliminate waste and non-value added activities of ALL aspects in the value chain, improving speed, flexibility and cost.


The Company seamlessly wove Price’s technological expertise into its operations and also backed by solid technical support. The production facility has the capability and capacity of producing a portfolio of products such as dinner candles, Pillars, Voltives, Room scenters, Floaters, Filling candles, Tea Light candles and garden candles.


Nirva Packaging


In keeping with the essence of Nirva, a customised range of packaging options has been developed. Innovative, attractive, eco-friendly and convenient, each item of packaging requires the skill and technical input of a specialist.

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