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The Colours of Courage Trust aims to ensure a flow of philanthropic finance that will be put to use developing the cancer hospital.


We encourage you to explore this website to obtain details about the National Cancer Institute and the Colours of Courage Trust and its project plans, and information on how you can contribute to our cause.


Why We’re Different


This is where the Colours of Courage Trust differs. It has been specially formulated to not only tackle the current, most urgent needs of the hospital, but also focuses on maintaining initiated projects and actively engaging in new ventures. The long term continuity of undertaken projects is essential for the Colours of Courage Trust.


What We Do


The Colours of Courage Trust will keep upgrading the facilities of the National Cancer Institute in terms of machinery, buildings, maintenance by funding projects related to these areas.

Additionally, the Trust will promote cancer research. The Colours of Courage Trust hopes to form affiliations with a fewcancer institutes around the world, which will enable a flow of information, advice and extra aid to the National Cancer Institute via the Colours of Courage Trust.


A Transparent Structure


The Colours of Courage Trust is established through a guarantee company, which ensures its perpetuity and also allows for better transparency and accountability. If, for any reason, trustees can no longer fulfil their obligations, the guarantee company is able to appoint new members to the board of trustees, thus ensuring the continuation of the trust. Members of the board of trustees are each highly respected individuals, drawn from diverse fields.

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